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Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet Fleurier SA and Dimier 1738, Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie Artisanale, naturally entrusted to the latter the development and realization of this exceptional timepiece.

“Bovet is constantly manufacturing timepieces whose complications are aimed at improving accuracy and providing really useful indications,”Replica Watches the brand said in its press release.

In this spirit, the Tourbillon Grande Date “does not escape the rule”. Specialized in the design, manufacture, assembly and adjustment of vortices, Dimier 1738 engineers and builders are constantly evolving this complication that reaches new heights in terms of performance and aesthetics.

Invented by Breguet in the 18th century under the era of the pocket watch,replica watches uk the tourbillon aims to cancel the harmful effects of terrestrial gravitation on the setting when the watch is in a vertical position.

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The Amadeo case that dresses this watch, like the entire Fleurier collection, makes it possible to turn this timepiece into a reversible wristwatch, a table watch or a gusset watch by simple manipulations without requiring the use of any tool. “The Amadeo concept, therefore, justifies, more than ever, to have recourse to a regulating organ animated by a tourbillon cage” specifies the release.

The upper pivot of the tourbillon carries a triple seconds hand guaranteeing the dynamic equilibrium of the latter.fake rolex This hand completes the indication of the eccentric hours and minutes at 12 o’clock.

The information is spread on a dial that reveals the haunting mechanism of great date displayed in a large circular window at 6 o’clock. The other side of the timepiece opens on the entire movement in the center of which is the inverted switch. It is also on this side that appears the power reserve indicator, which displays a five-day autonomy.

The Swiss watch brand Bovet Fleurier Employment Replique presents an exceptional watch: the Bovet Récital 10 Tourbillon 7 days. Two limited series of 50 (pink or gray gold) with a 45 mm case housing a manual mechanical winding Tourbillon seven-day power reserve.La Bovet Recital 10 Tourbillon 7-day is part of the collection Dimier, launched by Bovet in 2006. A collection that paid tribute to the origin,replica rolex to the men of this manufactory … The Recital 10 model, launched this year by Pascal Raffy and his teams, aims to extract “the quintessence” Recital models 1 and Recital 0 and make the merger. Thus, the dial, the hands and the indications come from Récital 1 whereas the cage of the tourbillon and the form, already emblematic, of its bridges come from Recital 0. But it is necessary to observe the movement through the sapphire background to discover that from this merger comes a new development in its own right … The scores of the two barrels and finishing gear are divided between two bridges which occupy an equal area of ​​the upper part of the plate. The drawing of the one evokes the movement Recital 1 while the second recital Recital 0. Their respective contours form two united wings in the center of the movement that literally carry the whirlwind,fake watches air, in the sky of elegance and refinement. If, according to the custom of the Dimier 1738 watchmakers (Manufacture of Haute Horlogerie Artisanale belonging to the Bovet brand 1822) each detail of each component is decorated according to the aesthetic and qualitative criteria specific to Bovet 1822, it is discretion and sobriety of this Récital 10 whirlwind which express the most its qualities.

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Amadeo Convertible case (wristwatch, table, pocket watch)
Diameter: 44mm
Material: red gold or 18K white gold
Ice cream: treated anti-reflective above and below
Chain: red gold or 18K white gold

Water resistance: 3ATM – 30m

Movement: Caliber 14BM01AI
Type: manual winding tourbillon
Diameter: 33mm (14 ½ ” ‘)
Thickness: 8.85mm
Frequency: 21’600Ah (4Hz)
Number of jewels: 49

Power reserve: 5 days

Full skin alligator strap and pin buckle in red gold or 18K white gold

The particular angle described by the position of the two wickets corresponds to the inclination of the terrestrial ecliptic axis on the equator which itself determines the boundary between the opposition of the lunar cycles of the northern hemisphere and the hemisphere South. This mechanism only requires a correction of one day every 128 years! Tradition in the collection Dimier,high quality replica watches uk Récital 17 receives a sapphire background to admire both sides of the movement. It includes a face already known Virtuoso caliber II and including its power reserve indicator that displays seven days of autonomy and the triple seconds hand of the emblematic mechanical caliber.The Grandes Complications collection of the Swiss watchmaker Bovet this year, a new reference is added to the Amadeo Skeleton Tourbillon model. An exceptional watch in red or white gold (hand-winding mechanical tourbillon caliber seven days of power reserve) that can be worn as a wristwatch, pocket watch or table watch.The use of three-quarter turntables leaves in itself already an important quantity of light cross the vortex cage. As a result, the mechanical density,best replica watches sites to buy from located in the upper part of the movement is only increased, especially since we find here the two traditional barrels that provide the energy necessary for a power reserve of seven days ! At the first sight of the timepiece one can imagine the efforts that the watchmakers had to make to achieve such a result without making too many concessions in technical terms.

Since 1822, Maison Bovet has focused on watchmaking excellence. Engraving, miniature painting and crimping have been harmonizing for two centuries with high precision mechanisms. When in 2006 Pascal Raffy, owner of Bovet 1822, acquires the Dimier 1738 manufacture, it completes the know-how of the House in the field of major complications. This philosophy was reflected in 2010 by the appearance of the Amadeo case, which dresses the entire Fleurier collection. This new concept makes it possible to transform your timepiece into a wristwatch,Replica Watches a watch pendant or a pocket watch as well as a table watch. From Edouard Bovet to Pascal Raffy, the Maison fleurisanne’s success with collectors explained by a watchmaking tinged with visions and tradition. While the former was one of the pioneers of international trade in going to conquer and seduce a China hitherto hermetic to foreign trade, the second was able to anticipate the evolution of the watch industry by verticalizing its activities at the appropriate time. Two centuries apart, the two men share a common passion for mechanical excellence, which is matched by the enhancement of craftsmanship. At Bovet, watchmakers,replica watches uk technicians and engineers work alongside master craftsmen. in miniature painting or hand engraving. The historical heritage of the House combined with the innovative philosophy of Bovet is the soul of timepieces manufactured to cross the ages, including the care given to every technical or aesthetic detail.


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