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After the Recital 12 and the Recital 15, it is the Récital 17 that arrives on the market this year at the independent watchmaker Bovet Recital 9 Tourbillon Miss Alexandra Price Replica 1822. All the characteristics of the Dimier collection are present: the crown at 3 o’clock, the four horns traditionally staggered and a modern openwork dial revealing the complexity of the various mechanisms and the care taken in their decoration.

Recital 17 presents three time zones. The local time logically occupies the central position that allows the most intuitive reading. The other two time zones appear at 9am and 3am.Replica Watches Each allows to choose to display the desired time zone among the twenty-four existing (only works on the spindles in full hours). The hours and minutes are complemented by a day / night disc and an indicator of twenty-four cities corresponding to the twenty-four time zones.

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It was during this event that the Turin house presented the first “concept car” that it has entirely designed and produced. This is a luxury sports sedan with electric propulsion whose design and quality finishes are at the height of the achievements that have made Pininfarina famous for 82 years. This prestigious vehicle was named Cambiano in reference to the municipality where the offices and the production of Pininfarina are located, but also to the Cambiano Chronograph developed and manufactured by Bovet. This year the collaboration between the two legendary houses intensifies and crosses a new course, since this “concept car” will receive as a clock a special edition of the Chronograph Cambiano. The Amadeo® system with which the Cambiano Chronograph is used makes it possible to transform its timepiece into a wristwatch, a table watch,replica watches uk a gusset watch and, in this case, a sports counter without the need for any tools. It is the ingenuity of this convertible system, designed by Pascal Raffy, that adds the status of clock to the champion of versatility that is the Chronograph Cambiano. The center console of the “concept car” is indeed equipped with a housing in which the Chronograph Cambiano is fixed by its emblematic bail and its attachment to 6H. When the driver leaves his vehicle, it only takes him a few seconds to turn his clock into a wristwatch. To mark the launch of this first vehicle and to integrate it, the special edition of this Chronograph Cambiano borrows the noble materials present in the cabin of the vehicle. The bracelet, usually made of rubber, is here covered with the same leather used for the upholstery of the vehicle. Rarely, the floor of the car is dressed with solid oak flooring from piles on which is built the city of Venice. It is in this same wood, known for its solidity and stability,replicas relojes that the counters of the Cambiano Chronograph were manufactured.

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The openwork dial demonstrates the virtuosity of the Bovet dials. Micro-mechanics must first incorporate a level of finish to meet the final aesthetic criteria while mastering the mechanical constraints and delicacy imposed by the skeleton and the fineness of its structure. The result is a lot of decoration, galvanic treatments, installation of inserts and sconces, all of them more delicate than others, where each inattention compromises many hours of work. The dials of the secondary spindles are directly integrated and are read on an insert that the collector can choose lacquered, guilloche or carved in a precious nacre.

Completing this triple time zone, a double moon phase simultaneously indicates the age of the moon in the northern hemisphere and in the southern hemisphere. Both wickets are opposed and are linked by a wind rose machined directly into the base of the dial. The particular angle described by the position of the two wickets corresponds to the inclination of the terrestrial ecliptic axis on the equator which itself determines the boundary between the opposition of the lunar cycles of the northern hemisphere and the hemisphere South.fake rolex This mechanism only requires a correction of one day every 128 years!

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Tradition in the collection Dimier, Récital 17 receives a sapphire background to admire both sides of the movement.fake watches It includes a face already known Virtuoso caliber II and including its power reserve indicator that displays seven days of autonomy and the triple seconds hand of the caliber’s iconic mechanics.


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